Innovation plays a critical role at FIT

At the heart of our strategic goals is the development of an Innovation Center to serve as a hub for. creative industries, worldwide.

The FIT/Infor Design and Tech Lab is the Innovation Center’s first component. That is an industry partnership enhancing education through innovation and design. 


We take risks developing new products and services that create value through thoughtful design and technology supported business models.

Reimagine Software Training (FITxINFOR)
Wearable Tech
3D Fashion Design


About the FIT/Infor Design and Tech Lab

Our Mission: Engaging faculty and students solving industry problems with design and technology 

Leveraging the new ideas and fresh perspectives of smart, talented students we explore the impact of emerging technology on design, manufacturing and retail.


Enhance Learning Experiences: through focused engagements with industry partners we apply theory and coursework to real world problems. These engagements create a powerful experiential learning environment that enhances the student learning and creates valuable insights for our partners   . 

Empower Emerging Designers: through direct engagement with the FIT Design Entrepreneurs we are helping emerging fashion businesses make a digital transformation to next generation enterprise software and technology. Working with Infor’s CloudSuite Fashion we are creating a shared resource of advanced technology to help foster an ecosystem of designers and small manufacturers that can compete effectively in the rapidly changing retail economy.

Engaging Industry: through a partnership with the Fashion Technology Consortium, an Industry organization formed to connect the Innovation economy with fashion and commerce, we are developing a talk service and series of innovation design sprints to address challenges facing the Fashion Industry.. The first in a series of events titled “An Evening of Technology, Collaboration and Education” is planned for the end of July with additional events planned throughout the year.

Envisioning the Future: through the development of experimental Retail Lab we will be working with a number of academic programs throughout the college to explore the impact of emerging technology on Design, Manufacturing and Retail. This innovative multi-disciplinary effort is designed to leverage the intellectual and creative capital of the FIT community as we experiment with new manufacturing and retail concepts, developed through student / faculty / industry partnerships, that look to give customers what they want in convenience, personalization and a compelling shopping experience, no matter where they shop.


MICHAEL FERRARO: Mr. Ferraro is the Executive Director of the FIT/Infor Design and Technology Lab at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. He came to FIT from Lehman College/CUNY where he spent 12 years as an associate professor in the digital media program of the art department. in 2015, working with, students he won an NY Emmy for Graphics and Animation Supervision on a series of PSAs titled “Best of the Bronx”.

Mr. Ferraro was a co-founder in 1986 of Blue Sky Studios, a feature length computer animation studio, In 1996, he co-founded PossibleWorlds, Inc, where he invented the innovative real-time animation technology known as KabukTMi which has been used by such media giants as Cartoon Network, Disney TV, MTV, and Warner