Mannequins displaying prototypes of the new Girl Scouts of the USA uniforms.
FIT Students engaged in a Brand Experience Design Challenge, with the goal to expand the MLB core customer base by developing engaging brand experiences for Gen Z. fans.
Our goal was to explore new possibilities for the MLB brand to broaden their customer base across a wide range of products, touchpoints and communication channels.
Over the course of the project, 4 teams of students developed 12 preliminary concepts, each.

These preliminary concepts were presented to MLB and they selected one idea from each team to be fully developed.

Under the supervision of FIT’s Advertising and Digital Design faculty, the four selected proposals were refined.  MLB selected one idea for final execution.

Following the last presentation to MLB, the designs were exhibited at the Museum at FIT.
Mood board of uniform designs based on current trends.
Proposal 1: Show Your Stripes
MLB pattern
MLB pattern 2
In 1907, baseball became the first major league sport to incorporate pinstripes as a design element in uniforms.

What if we incorporated the stripes unique to baseball uniform history, to create comfortable and casual merchandise for Gen Z fans?

Show Your Stripes is the everyday wear that Gen Z consumers can wear before, during and after the game. The collection featured the team names in tandem with the stripe designs.
Proposal 2: Let’s Go Diversity
MLB design demo
MLB merch
MLB is the most diverse major league sport in the US.  The league celebrates diversity with different heritage months; for example, Hispanic Heritage Month.

What if we expand MLB’s audience by showing diversity?

The group developed a strategy around a new product line that represents the diversity in the MLB. At the center is the phrase “Let’s go”, a chant that is understood throughout the world. The FIT team incorporated the chant, translated into many different languages, as a design element of the merchandise.
Proposal 3: All Star Stories 2020
Dizzy Dean, Matt Chapman, Sandy Alcantara, Chris Young, Willie Stargell, and Ernie Banks became All-Star players because of their accomplishments on the field.

What if we decided to take it a step further and highlight the players’ stories off the field?
The group’s insight was that Gen Z consumers become inspired by stories.  In fact, we know that Gen Z invests in brands that speak to them personally. Such brands make our target demographic feel special. The players’ special stories allow Gen Z consumers to feel as if the MLB is talking to them individually.  

For example, did you know the story behind Dizzy Dean's legendary quote “It ain’t bragging if you do it”?

This strategy allows Gen Z to invest themselves into the player, thus facilitating learning about the team, its history, and the MLB legacy.
The Selected Concept
Proposal 4: The Doodle Collection
Gen Z believes that baseball is dated and serious, but the sport is actually full of quirky characters and funny stories that they are just not aware of.

What if we embrace these stories to capture the attention of Gen Z consumers?

The FIT designers created illustrations for each team using the team’s identity to share exaggerated, humorous situations that highlight the team’s unique history.
3d virtual prototypes of the designs
A’S Fun fact + Merchandising EXAMPLE
In 1972 the A’s decided to grow out all their facial hair, something that hadn’t been done in the league since 1914. That year, the A’s went to the World Series v. the Cincinnati Reds and won!

So, with our doodle we have a mustache tipping its hat with the phrase ‘hairs v. squares’ referencing their World Series win with their new facial hair look.
San Diego Padres - Fun fact + Merchandising EXAMPLE
In the early ’80s, the San Diego Padres wore uniforms that earned them the nickname “Taco Bell Uniforms” because the caps resembled the Taco Bell logo.

So, with our doodle we designed a fish inside a taco wearing the Padres cap since.  This is meaningful because, at Petco Park, fish tacos are a top-selling concession item. The tagline for the campaign is ‘play mas’, a humorous reference to Taco Bell’s actual tagline, ‘live mas’ ”

TEam MEmbers
FIT Advertising Design Students
Alison Quagliato
Angela Diep
Anika Grube  
Brittany Ciumei
Daniel Persaud
Emily Galvelis
Hasibul Islam
Hira Ali
Lauren Padula
Samantha Montero
Serena Haahs

FIT Exhibition Designer
Brooke Leitner

FIT Faculty
C.J. Yeh
Advertising and Digital Design

Christie Shin
Creative Technology and Design

Joe Staluppi
Advertising and Digital Design