Mannequins displaying prototypes of the new Girl Scouts of the USA uniforms.
Girl Scouts of the usa
Reimagining symbols of affiliation and pride for today’s girl scouts

Our team developed a new uniform concept that expands beyond the iconic sashes and vests to a set of three collections, designed as a system that works together.
New York Times Article
Phase 1:  Research
The launch phase was an immersive inquiry to understand the  legacy and history of the Girl Scout's uniform.
While it remained an intact expression of courage, confidence, and character, we tracked the uniform's evolving relationship to current styles and trends.
A photo series of the girl scout uniforms from 1950 until today. Five photos starting with 1950.
1990 to present
Mood board of uniform designs based on current trends.
Conclusion:  Divergence
From the 1980’s forward, uniform styles
diverged from current fashion trends.
Phase 2:  DevelopMent
A new uniform concept was designed that expands to three collections, meant to work together as a system.
Digital drawing of a sweater with the girl scouts logo

Products for everyday life, styled to work as part of a daily wardrobe.
Digital drawing of a vest with the girl scouts logo

Styles for specific events, such as ceremonies and parades.
Digital drawing of a backpack with the girl scouts logo

Items for outdoor and functional activities.
New Uniform Concepts
Goals of the new uniform concept:
Facilitate pride in affiliation
Improve engagement
Enhance brand relevance
Reflect contemporary mindset
Evolve as girls evolve
Drive revenue
A collection of ten uniform concepts.
3d virtual prototypes of the designs
Phase 3: 3D Virtual Prototyping
The students are building 3D virtual prototypes using Browzwear software and developing tech-packs to manufacture samples.
Phase 4: Pre-Launch
GSUSA selected 20 pieces to launch as their first collection of FIT designs in fall 2020.
3d virtual prototypes of the designs
TEam MEmbers
Girl Scouts of the USA
Wendy Lou, Deputy Chief Revenue Officer
Ann Abel, Merchandise Manager
May Ling Del Forge, Senior Buyer
Sofina Quereshi, VP, Cookie Program

FIT Fashion Design Students
Daryn Huang
Jenny (Zhuo Ran) Feng
Melissa Posner
Nidhi Bhasin

FIT Advertising Design Students
Angela Diep
Margaret Panoti

FIT Faculty
Christie Shin (Advertising Design)
C.J. Yeh (Advertising Design)
Tom Scott (Fashion Design)