Drawing of an outfit for RD:One, FIT's future fashion label.
The RETAIL PROJECT EXPLORES the FIT fashion brand AND the impacts of Technology CONSIDERING the entire fashion value chain
Over the past 2 semesters the FIT DTech Lab has been collaborating with students from the School of Art and Design and the School of Business and Technology on an innovative project to develop and launch an FIT fashion brand that is marketed and retailed by FIT students.
Label of the future RD one brand. The label is designed in black and white.
The project’s goal is to create a “living laboratory” that explores the impact of emerging technology on design, manufacturing, retail fashion apparel and accessories. For our initial launch we have developed two lines of apparel; a high-fashion line in addition to a line of basics that coordinate with the fashion line. The theme for the design phase of the project “Wearable Avant-Garde”.

We are partnering with innovative on-demand manufacturers based in the US, to execute the designs.
Photo of a meeting between the marketing team and design team at the D Tech lab.
We are now preparing to organize the marketing and retail phases of the project. We plan to leverage advanced technologies and innovative strategies for marketing and marketing communications to be integrated into the development of this new fashion brand.
TEam MEmbers
FIT Advertising Communication Marketing
Cole Ackerman
Meghan Johnson
Sophie Barton

FIT Fashion Design
Ayla Lang
Danielle Christ
Daryn Huang
James Linacre
Jayanti Tiwari
Jessica Wasmuth
Kevin Kuang
Stephanie Hutton
Seojung Choi
Vika Chuzhina

FIT Faculty
Fashion Design
Andy Liu
Leonard Bess
Todd Blumenthal
Tetsuo Tamanaha

Advertising Communication Marketing
Jean Marc Rejaud