Student sitting in front of the computer working on a 3D prototype with Browzwear software
An Innovation Design Sprint for professionals to accelerate and streamline the design process from 2D to 3D
In collaboration with PVH's Stitch Academy and Browzwear, the lab hosted an event for industry professionals called product in a day, to introduce 3D thinking to the fashion industry.
Six separate teams, each comprised of a merchandiser, fashion designer, technical designer and fit expert,  conceptualizes and iterates though various prototype designs.

Using Browzwear’s 3D Fashion Design Software, each team ultimately fabricates a final design in one day.
Day 1
Morning: Intro + Brief
3D Software Training
Digital Designing Stage
Evening: Team Presentation
Day 2
Pattern Printing and Cutting
Creation of Physical Prototypes
Team Presentation
Photo of participants working on a design with VStitcher software
The goal
‍Identify a product, e.g. dress or blouse (Design)
Create a design brief (Merchandising)
Accomplish training, design, and fabrication in two days
Closeup photo of sewing machine. In the background a person is cutting fabric with scissors.
Through direct experience with emerging technology for 3D-virtual-prototyping, and using Browzwear’s VStitcher and Lotta software, we explore ways these tools can improve efficiency, sustainability and creative exploration of fashion apparel.

Each team is comprised of: one merchandiser, one fashion designer, and one fit expert who are supported by one sample maker.
VStitcher is a 3D software solution, by Browzwear, for apparel design and development. VStitcher can be used to design garments through size ranges, graphics, fabrics, trims, color ways, and styling. The result is a photorealistic 3D rendering.

Stitch Design Hub is created to digitize the end-to-end fashion design workflow. It provides digital 3D assets and design tools to be used directly within the Browzwear software. It can also render designs externally on a server farm in the cloud.

Stitch Digital Foamboard is a cloud tool to present and exchange design ideas quickly within a team of designers and executives.
Screenshot of Browzwear VStitcher - Design created by Team cheese
Screenshot of Browzwear VStitcher
Design created by Team Cheese
User Testing / User Experience
While the teams produced their garments, the Stitch software team conducted user experience research. The goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the participant's learning curve  while navigating the Digital Foamboard platform.

Photo of user testing the PVH Stitch plug-in
Final outcome of 3D virtual prototype and physical garment side by side.

Final Outcome of Team Watermelon
All participants were impressed by the accelerated and seamless workflow of 3D virtual prototyping and the creation of the physical garments within just two days. The teams enjoyed the precise garment and design simulation offered in the software environment. In the end, all participants presented their final work, both, digitally and physically.

TEam MEmbers
Erica Young
Missy Krueger

Kontoor Brands Participants
Amy Moret
Danny Brisby
Kaitlin Willard
Makayla Barnes

Lafayette 148 Participants
Alexis Baram
Caitrin Burns
Carol Schuster
Dawn Travers
Doreen Zaldivar Burns
Grace McCarty
Jannet Wong
Megan Zuccone

PVH Stitch 3D
Becca Mayall
Daniel Hengeveld
Emily Roosen
Fayette van Dijck
Marlies Reukers
Riccardo Rigo

Ralph Lauren Participants
David Aloia
Malie Bingham

Vizoo GmbH
Andrew Bougie
Nolan West

FIT Participants
Ann Cantrell
Barbara Seggio
Calvin Padilla
Catherine Geib
Lauren Zodel
Tom Scott

DTech Design Technologists / Videography
Karina Ochoa Beltran
Daryn Huang
Julian Catasus y Brueggemann