A laptop displaying Infor Cloud Suite, a business software.
FIT x INFOR - Fashion ERP  
We modified an existing cloud based mid-market platform to serve the Small Fashion Apparel industries (sMB)
Using the Infor Cloud Suite Industrial platform the FIT DTech Lab has set out to demonstrate the potential of the market and the applications fit in the industry.
Photo of the former Infor C E O sitting on his desk.
Emerging designers represent an important component of the fashion industry. They are small to medium size businesses (SMB) that face considerable challenges as they grow – but they make up a considerable part of the market.

Existing software solutions for running small fashion business operations are far from sufficient. They are either cobbled together from individual  applications using manual procedures/basic integrations or are designed for much larger enterprises which are not responsive enough for young, agile designers and are prohibitively expensive.
A photo of a warehouse.
Most SMB businesses start using Point Solutions – as they need tools, they acquire them. These are function specific systems e.i. accounting, web cart, inventory…

As the SMB grows they realize there are gaps in functionality with their existing portfolio.

Manual work arounds are instituted but are labor intensive and error proneSMB’s live with the work arounds – until it begins to directly impede growth, create unacceptable financial risk or impact customer serviceAt this point an inflection happens, the SMB looks to identify the problem, and, more importantly, a solution
Customize Infor CloudSuite Industrial with transactional ‘fashion’ attributes by working with an emerging designer that manufactures in Europe and the US, sell wholesale, retail and online with a warehouse based in NJ, Noah Waxman was a microcosm of the entire fashion industry.
A photo of leather boot by Noah Waxman
The modified UI fields, created by the student team.
Our Solution
Instead of trying to scale a small business tool to the needs of the SMB market or Trying to convince a very price sensitive demographic to pay 100X their current solution costs.

We want to modify an existing cloud based mid-market platform to the SMB Fashion Apparel industries requirements by including attributes for:
The students created walkthrough videos for basic processes.
Our Accomplishments while working with Infor Cloud Suite included:
Identified need for non-transactional attributes  
(body, upper, sole, heel height, material, origin & category)

market Research TO approach business systems used by SMB Fashion/Apparel

Studied fashion apparel companies that would potentially benefit

Created systematic complexities representing the physical product movements

Processed transactions through the critical lifecycle stages from seasonal item creation to final sale

Learned the basics of UI Form modification

Populated basic data for standard accounting
TEam MEmbers
FIT Fashion Design Participants
Derek Knodt

FIT Production Management Participants
Alan Thomas
Andrea Billings
Dakota Reilly
Ye (Jocelyn) Yang

FIT User Experience Design Participants
Julian Catasus y Brueggemann
FIT Faculty Participants
Neil Hicks

Infor Participants
Michael Marsolo