Adidas x Browzwear: 3D Sprint

We launched an innovative design sprint aimed at pushing the boundaries of fashion design to explore 3D Prototyping software.
Partnering with Adidas and Browzwear, we conducted a design sprint to better understand the needs and expectations of emerging designers now that 3D Fashion Design is becoming ubiquitous in the industry.
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The innovative project intersected two distinct initiatives  It brought together fashion design students and user experience design students to simultaneously execute a case study prototyping a new direction for piece of iconic of sports apparel.

This case study  served as a basis for the UX designers to gain insights into the evolving expectations of fashion designers as they integrate 3D Fashion Design Software into their creative practice.
The challenge
Students  were tasked to develop a fresh take on the iconic tracksuit of Adidas using the Browzwear’s flagship software VStitcher and Lotta to explore design ideas and prototype solutions quickly and without the need to fabricate physical samples.
Browzwear 3D Software
VStitcher is a 3D software for apparel design and development. VStitcher can be used to design garments through size ranges, graphics, fabrics, trims, colorways, and styling. The result is a photorealistic 3D rendering.

With the comprehensive features, designers, technical specialists and pattern makers can create designs and take them to the next level with true-motion fit, pattern modification, grading, tech pack, and more.

Digital 3D Product Prototypes
The students scanned new performance fabrics that were draped in Browzwear, to create a realistic visualization of their design ideas.During the creation process the students worked with the Browzwear team to fully utilize the advanced features of the software, creating very realistic simulation of their designs.
User Experience (UX) Design
While the design team experimented with ideas and explored the features of the software  user experience design team followed the progress of the designers to fully understand the workflow and software product experience. The UX team generated a detailed report to identify strategies to capture a new critical mass of early designers that included:

Affinity Mapping
Heuristic Analysis
Messaging Analysis
Journey Mapping

During the remarkably short two week project the student design team created a visually striking range of new ideas for the iconic tracksuit that all reflected the core values of Adidas brand.
TEam MEmbers
Fashion Design Team
Daryn Huang
Karina Ochoa Beltran

User Experience Design Team
Anders Wallace
Christie Shin
C.J. Yeh
Tan Brown

Design Technologist / Videography
Julian Catasus y Brueggemann
Adidas Team
Conner Fitzgerald
Kristian Sons
Scot McDaniel
Simone Cesano
Sky Asay

Browzwear Team
Lena Lim
Missy Krueger
Neel Brosh